Our on-site pet store

Whilst you visit our centre why not browse our pet shop for those things you forget about.

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Pet Shop

Pick up a gift, a toy or even a new collar!

It’s small but perfectly packed so if you arrive and have forgotten your pet’s favourite toy don’t worry, you can pick a great one from our pet shop. When you’re collecting your pet to go home don’t forget there’s food and other treats available too.

Looking for that extra special gift for your friend’s and family’s favourite companion? Well why not purchase online one of our St Giles Animal Centre Gift Cards. You choose how much you would like to spend on any of our services.

Toys and chewiness

If it bounces, tugs, squeaks and is chewable then we've got a selection to choose from. We also sell soft toys for those that like a little extra snuggle cuddle time - just in case you forget your own.

Food and Tasty treats

If your dog is a foodie then we've got some lovely high-value snacks that won't put on the pounds. We also have a range of Dry Complete, Wet and RAW food.

Leads and collars

Leads and collars of all sizes so, if you're looking for an extra small to fit your Chihuahua or a super king for your St Bernard, we've got one - and if we don't then we can certainly order one ready for you.

Bugs and lugs

Our onsite veterinary centre has a selection of recommended medication. We stock parasite control, medicated shampoo and a range of grooming accessories to tackle bug and lugs!