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About St Giles Animal Centre

Discover why our centre is so highly thought of

2020 marks 10 years of the Linnell family involvement in St Giles Animal Centre and St Giles Animal Rescue. 

Parents, Bill and Vanessa Linnell, have since retired. They maintain a strong involvement in both the Centre and the Charity work. Their children have continued the family legacy. Thomas Linnell operates an Individual Pet Cremation business from the centre. Laura Linnell runs the Doggie Day Care Service. Jack Linnell manages the Veterinary Clinic.

As the facilities have grown so has the team, bringing additional competencies to the centre helping to deliver animal behaviour training, pet therapy, dog training and grooming – all of which are leveraged by St Giles Animal Rescue. This enables the Charity to transition rescued pets who have suffered neglect and/or abuse and help them find forever homes.

In the last 10 years the Linnell family and their team have helped the rescue charity rehome over 2000 animals.

With dog training courses available and socialisation, through to boarding and doggie day care there are lots of good reasons why St Giles Animal Centre is so highly thought of.

St Giles Animal Centre Services Entrichment

St Giles Animal Centre

Is a family run business that includes a large rehoming centre funded by the centre, St Giles Animal Rescue and the RSPCA.  The centre also provides a range of services to pet owners such as Pet Boarding, Veterinary Clinic, Animal Therapies, Doggie Day Care, Dog Training, Grooming and Individual Pet Cremations.

Animal Rescue at St Giles Animal Rescue

St Giles Animal Rescue

St Giles Animal Rescue is a registered charity (1136251). The charity is based at St Giles Animal Centre in Wrantage, Taunton and are responsible for taking in and caring for 100% of the stray dogs over West Somerset, locating from two council areas; Somerset West & Taunton and South Somerset.