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Your dog(s) and cat(s) can enjoy boarding at St Giles Animal Center with an enrichment area, regular walks and playtime.

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Pet Boarding

5 star rated boarding and cattery facilities

In the heart of the Somerset Levels, St Giles Animal Centre is situated on 4 acres of land with 5* rated boarding and cattery facilities. With a longstanding, dedicated team and years of experience between us, our aim is to give your pet as much as a home-from-home environment as possible, giving you a safe and familiar place for your pets to stay while you can’t be with them.

We offer a range of services for your dogs, cats and small animals, all provided in a professional and personal manner. We treat each pet as an individual, as if they were our own, and do all that we can to make their stay at St Giles Animal Centre full of fun.

Our hardworking, qualified and devoted team receive regular training in animal first aid, behaviour and animal husbandry, whilst always working to ensure a great stay for your pets.

With a Veterinary Clinic and qualified animal trainer/behaviourist on-site, we are able to offer you peace of mind during your pet’s stay with us no matter what their medical or behavioural requirements may-be.

Our set up has been designed with your pets in mind and, with a large selection of suite layouts, our boarding blocks give us the opportunity to match the requirements of your pets. We have a variety to choose from including a quiet block beneficial for senior dogs, puppies and those who are particularly nervous. We supply a range of bedding types and underfloor heating to keep your pet warm and cosy all year round.

During the day your canine companion has full access to both their indoor and outdoor facilities and, for those in more sociable dog blocks, an opportunity for them to say hello to their neighbours in the suite next door.

Our multiple on-site paddocks offer your canine companions a safe, fun and secure place to explore, packed with enrichment activities and toys for them to enjoy. All our guests receive 2 periods of enrichment either on or off lead exercise or enrichment toys and treats, along with lots of playtime and countless amounts of cuddles throughout each day of their stay.

When it comes to dinner time, we know just how important your pet’s routine is and we will always follow your guidance on their feeding regime.

We are pleased to offer a selection of our own branded dry food (for dogs) suitable for even those with hypoallergenic tummys, whilst also stocking high quality kibble for cats and a variety of wet foods to meet your pet’s dietary requirements at no additional cost. Of course, you are always welcome to bring your pet’s own food and treats in too and we recommend that you do so if they are on a specific diet. We do request, if possible, that any small animals have their chosen diet supplied for their stay on arrival.

Our cattery includes a raised sleeping area that is fully insulated, heated and stocked with lots of soft bedding, providing a warm and comfortable environment for your cat to snuggle down into and relax.

The pens have a variety of levels and areas to hide within. With regularly updated cat towers and a selection of toys, we are able to offer your feline friend the tools with which to exhibit their natural behaviour whilst providing entertainment in a safe and secure space. You can feel relaxed knowing that they will have the love, attention and fuss that they would get at home. We also provide cat grass for our clients – a natural substance to help with calming.

The cattery has soft, gentle music played throughout the day to create a calming ambiance.

Knowing how fastidiously clean cats tend to be, we leave their regularly cleaned litter trays on the lower level so they have separate living and toileting space.

With no pre-booked ‘check in’ or ‘check out’ times you are welcome to book in or collect your much loved family member(s) at any time throughout our opening hours making the checking in and out of your pets a less stressful experience.

Opening hours are as follows: 10am-12pm and 2pm-5pm daily (excluding bank holidays).  

All bookings will be charged at your pets daily rate for from the day of arrival for their full stay, including the day of departure, regardless of the time in which they are collected

A £35 deposit will be required for all bookings. This will be taken upon booking and will come off the total bill. Within 14 days of your booking, your deposit becomes non-refundable.

If you cancel your booking prior to 14 days of arrival, your deposit will be refunded.

A £20 non-refundable surcharge will be required for bookings over Easter, Christmas and New Year. This will be taken upon booking and will be charged in addition to the boarding fees.

PLEASE NOTE –  £35 deposit is due for all bookings at time of booking. 

St Giles Animal Centre LTD reserve the right to increase our pricing structure at any time.

We can pick up and drop off

We offer a collection and drop off service if you're unable to do this yourself. Please contact the centre; price is distance-dependent from St Giles Animal Centre, Wrantage, Taunton.

You get to choose

We have a range of boarding blocks to choose from; a peaceful block for the older or younger dogs or a more energetic social area for dogs that like to play and be active.

Lots of play time

There is going to be fun and games in our secure field at the St Giles Animal Centre. Your pet will have plenty of space to run around, play ball, chase pigeons and each other!

Lots of exercise

Our location is perfect for your pets. We'll go on lead walks around the bridle track, moor and droves near St Giles Animal Centre. There are so many areas to investigate, sniff and scent. It's doggie day care heaven.

Social interaction

We help your pets socialise with other dogs safely. Our trained staff manage and introduce pets carefully so they can enjoy playtime together with a happy mind and happy heart.

Warm and cosy

The cattery is super warm and cosy with heated igloos to help your cat feel right at home. The only downside is that you might need to buy one to keep your cat happy at home!

Lots of cuddles

Our residents also benefit from one-on-one time with our staff. Plenty of love and cuddles are given to all of our guests to help them settle in and feel at home.


We keep your cat engaged and having fun with plenty of playtime as well as cat-naps. Your cat won't be bored or feel lonely with one-to-one hours of fun and toys galore.

Fastidiously clean

Knowing how fastidiously clean cats tend to be, we leave their regularly cleaned litter trays on the lower level so they have separate living and toileting space.

Spa meditation music

To create a zen-like environment, we pipe calming music throughout the cattery which itself has a view of a lake, ducks and gently blowing grass to soothe the soul.

Pet boarding by booking only.

Our pet boarding packages

5* rated boarding and cattery facilities

Licence holder - Jack Linnell
Licence number - A01/000313

NEW PRICES FROM APRIL 2023 - Please note a £35 deposit is required on all bookings.

Dog Boarding

Cat Boarding

  • Cat Boarding £16.00


If you are an existing customer and know the email address we hold for you, please book through our online system below.

New customers, please call 01823 490333