Let them have fun

While the cat’s away why not let your canine companion have some fun at our Doggie Day Care.

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Doggie Day Care

Your pets will love it, happy dog happy home

At Doggie Day Care, we know folk sometimes struggle to fit everything into a busy day. Perhaps this includes devoting enough time to your beloved best friends. 

Do you worry that your dog isn’t getting the exercise, mental stimulation or socialisation they need?

Perhaps you just want to get home and be greeted by a happy relaxed dog. A pet who has been cared for, loved, walked and played with whilst you’ve been out for the day.

If you have a young dog that needs socialisation in a controlled environment by experienced handlers, we do that too.

Our experienced staff are here to support you and your canine companion, so you can relax knowing your dogs are in safe hands.

We pick up your pets

We collect directly from your home between the hours of 8:00am - 10.00am, 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. We do this all year round to give you peace of mind, to look after your dogs and fit around your daily schedule.

We look after your pets

The Doggie Day Care Service is provided by three key members of our experienced team; Sophia (Manager), Carly, Abby and Kerrin
(Animal Supervisors).

We get your pets safely home

Between 3.30pm - 5.30pm we drop (your very tired) dog back home. You can rest assure that they've had the best day, with the best people, at the very best Animal Centre and will look forward to coming back.

Your pets get lots of play time

There is going to be fun and games in our secure field at the St Giles Animal Centre. Your pet will have plenty of space to run around, play ball, chase pigeons and each other!

Your pets get lots of exercise

Our location is perfect for your pets. We'll go on lead walks around the bridle track, moor and droves near St Giles Animal Centre. There are so many areas to investigate, sniff and scent. It's doggie day care heaven.

Your pets get to socialise

We help your pets socialise with other dogs safely. Our trained staff manage and introduce pets carefully so they can enjoy playtime together with a happy mind and happy heart.

Doggie Day Care Prices

Opening Hours: Open Monday – Friday |  8am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm (excluding bank holidays)
To book your Doggie Day Care please call the centre on: 07483 906620

Doggie Day Care

One dog pick up and drop off
£ 28 For One Dog
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Exercise and play
  • Socialisation

Double Dogs

Two dogs from the same home
£ 48 For Two Dogs
  • Pick up and drop off home
  • Exercise and play
  • Socialisation