Working with you for a better way

Sometimes we need help building a better relationship with our pets and their behaviour.

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Dog Training

Kind and compassionate training

St Giles Animal Centre provides dog behaviour and training services. We work with all sizes and breeds of dog, specialising in reactive, rescued and re-homed dogs.

We strive to work with dogs and their guardians to build in appropriate alternatives to undesirable behaviours this, in turn, will help improve the relationships we have with our pets in a kind and practical way.

1-2-1 sessions

We charge £35 per session (approx one hour).
Mileage is 75p per mile from St Giles Animal Centre to your home address.

Roz Buckley

Roz Buckley is the Training and Behaviour Advisor here at the centre. She has over 15 years’ of experience working with dogs and other animals and has two rescue dogs of her own, a Staffweiler and Neopolitan Mastiff X Dogue to Bordeaux.

Roz is a qualified trainer and has studied with the IMDT, a part of the UK Dog training and behaviour charter, and has been mentored by local behaviourist Angela Curtis of Rottweiler Friends Rescue and professional trainer, Esther Corrick, of Nutley Training and Behaviour.

Roz and St Giles are dedicated to kind and compassionate methods of training and work at the dog’s pace. She has worked with rescue dogs in the UK and Sri Lanka and has experience of many canine behaviour challenges and training needs.

In addition to her work here at the centre, she also volunteers at Rottweiler Friends Rescue and has spent time rehabilitating wildlife such as bats, hedgehogs and seal pups in the UK and Ireland.

Dealing with Canine Behaviour Problems

We look at your pet's behaviour problems – their causes and solutions. We also look at various alternative therapies that may be considered in conjunction with behaviour modification.

Human Behaviour

We look at the human role in behaviour problems and how lifestyle can influence dog behaviour.

Play and Exercise

Play and exercise can influence behaviour. We look at how we can use play, mental stimulation and environmental enrichment to improve unwanted behaviour.

Reinforcement Training

Clicker training is also covered. Please note, we only support force free training methods.

Pets and rescues in training